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Changi Airport Generation

Conceptual Layout of Terminal 5 - option 2
  • ClientPB Singapore for Changi Airport Group
  • Date2015

  • Thorndon Cook Staff
  • Peter Tearne

The Project

The feasibility study considered a broad range of power generation options including gas, coal, geothermal, wind and solar, and identified a combination of gas and solar as the most feasible.

Several airports already have installed embedded power plants of various types and configurations and therefore an important step was to review selected existing applications to gain an appreciation of what options would work best at Changi.

Several different options were identified and modelled to find configurations that could economically provide both power and cooling whilst considering the practicalities of constructing and operating a power plant within the confines of an active airport.

The main safety concerns related to causing an obstruction to aircraft movement and compliance with internationally agreed obstruction clearances. Other safety related concerns included the need to limit noise levels for both passengers and staff.

The result of the study was that several realistic options were identified which ranged from a single large CCGT plant with associated electric chilling plant (most economical) to multiple smaller distributed power plant with integrated hybrid chilling (most practical).

If the CCGT project goes ahead it will be the largest example of a power plant embedded into the confines of an active international airport.

Our Role

Thorndon Cook provided an engineer who had the background and experience to investigate the various power generation and chilled water production options from a technical perspective and also with respect to specific regulatory compliance requirements for an active airfield.


The Technology study covered several options and from a practical and technical perspective the best solution was a medium sized combined cycle power plant augmented by several smaller power plant using reciprocating gas engines.

The power plant configuration was optimised to enable chilled water production using a combination of heat absorption and electric chillers.

The optimisation of power and chilled water involved careful balancing of waste heat versus generated power so that all available energy was consumed within the airport infrastructure.

Solar power was included in the study and would be used to augment local power generation.


mechanical engineering

feasibility studies, including economic analysis

power plant cost and output optimisation

conceptual engineering, capital and operating costs estimation

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